In this body I am called Farrell Lenoble. I like to play around with movement and energy.

My physical meditation is movement. Tuning into body awareness is a shortcut to the present moment. The more deeply I explore my body the more I find out about myself. Why does one side of the body feel different from the other? Why is range of motion limited through this joint? What is restricted in this movement that is causing pain?

My spiritual meditation is energy work. Body awareness is easier when you're moving around, but what about when you find stillness? Can you feel your big toe? Can you perceive what eye you are looking through? The more you tune into the subtle, the less subtle it becomes. 

Both paths lead back to breathing in the present moment where magic happens.

Stack the spine, breathe and expand, perceive your existence and have fun.

Thanks for finding me, enjoy your stay (but not for too long, go breathe and move in your present moment)